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State’s business.

              (e) To  provide  a  basis  for  the  adjustment  of  matters  of  mutual interest

           by means of amicable discussion.

           Article 3
           Unchallenged Representation

             The State and CSEA agree, pursuant to Section 208 of the  Civil Service
           Law,  that  CSEA  shall  have  unchallenged  representation  status for  the

           maximum period permitted by  law on  the date of  execution of  this

           Article 4

           Employee Organization Rights
            §4.1 Exclusive Negotiations with CSEA

             The  State  will  not  negotiate  or  meet  with  any  other  employee
           organization or employee group with reference to terms and  conditions of

           employment of employees. When such organizations  or employee groups,
           whether organized by the employer or employees, request meetings for any

           other purpose, notice shall be sent to  the local CSEA representative and
           CSEA shall be afforded the opportunity to attend such meetings in order that

           CSEA may fulfill its obligation as a collective negotiating agent to represent
           these employees and groups of employees.

            §4.2 Payroll Deductions
             (a)  CSEA shall have exclusive payroll deduction of membership dues and

           premiums for all forms of insurance sponsored by  CSEA and no other

           employee organization or any other organization shall be accorded any such
           payroll deduction privilege for membership dues and/or premiums for any
           form  of  insurance.  Credit  unions shall not be accorded any payroll

           deduction privilege for  insurance premiums unless such insurance is

           incidental to a loan.
             (b) The parties agree that CSEA shall have an exclusive payroll deduction

           for  all  CSEA unit  represented  employees  who  elect  to participate in the
           AFSCME program known as “Public  Employees Organized for Political

           and Legislative Equality.”
             (c)  The parties agree that voluntary deductions for CSEA dues and other

           authorized  deductions  allowed  by  Section  110-b  of  the Retirement and

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