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           Agreement made by and between the Executive Branch of the State of

        New York (the “State”) and The Civil Service Employees Association, Inc.

        Article 1

           The State, pursuant to the certification of the Public Employment Relations

        Board, recognizes CSEA as  the exclusive  representative for  collective
        negotiations with respect to salaries, wages, hours and  other  terms  and

        conditions  of  employment  of  employees  serving  in positions in the
        Operational Services Unit and similar positions hereafter created. The terms

        “employee” or “employees” as used  in this Agreement shall mean only
        employees serving  in positions  in such  unit  and  shall  include  seasonal

        employees where so specified.

        Article 2
        Statement of Policy and Purpose

           §2.1 It is the policy of the State to continue harmonious and  cooperative
        relationships with its employees and to ensure the orderly and uninterrupted

        operations of government. This policy is effectuated by the provisions of
        the Public Employees’ Fair Employment Act granting public employees the

        rights  of  organization  and  collective  representation concerning the

        determination of the terms and conditions of their employment.
           §2.2 The State and CSEA now desire to enter into an agreement reached
        through collective negotiations which will have for its  purposes, among

        others, the following:

           (a) To recognize the legitimate interests of the employees of  the State to
        participate through collective negotiations in the determination of the terms

        and conditions of their employment.
           (b) To promote fair and reasonable working conditions.

           (c) To promote individual efficiency and service to the citizens of  the

           (d) To avoid interruption or interference with the efficient operation of the

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