Page 10 - 2016-2021-OSU
P. 10

“office space” as used herein, shall not include the use of State equipment,

           furnishings or supplies.

             (b) In the event that, after the execution of this Agreement, CSEA shall
           demonstrate a need for space in addition to that provided in paragraph (a)

           above for the purposes stated  therein, the State  shall  consider requests
           presented by CSEA at the department or agency level, which shall make its

           recommendation  to  the  Governor’s  Office of Employee Relations. The
           determination  whether to rent  additional space  shall be  made by  the

           Governor’s Office of  Employee Relations in accordance with  the best
           interests of the State and subject to the provisions contained in paragraph

           (a) above.
             (c)  Grievances alleging violation of Section 4.4 shall not be arbitrable, but

           shall be processed pursuant to Article 34.1(b).
            §4.5 Meeting Space

             No other employee organization except employee  organizations which
           have been certified or recognized as the  representative  for collective

           negotiations of other State employees, shall have the right to meeting space
           in State facilities. No employee group shall have the right to meeting space

           in State facilities for the purpose of  dis- cussing terms and conditions of
           employment which are the responsibility of the collective bargaining agent.

            §4.6 Access to Employees
              (a) CSEA  representatives shall,  on an  exclusive basis,  except during

           campaign  periods  and  periods  of  challenge  as  defined  in Section 208 of
           the Civil Service Law, have access to employees during working hours to

           explain CSEA membership, services  and programs under mutually

           developed arrangements with  department or  agency heads. Any such
           arrangements  shall ensure  that such  access shall not interfere with work
           duties or work performance.  Such consultations shall be no more than 15

           minutes  per  employee  per month, and shall not exceed an average of 10

           percent per month of the employees in the operating unit (e.g., institution,
           DDSO, hospital, college, main office or appropriate facility) where access
           is sought.

              (b) Department and agency heads may make reasonable and appropriate

           arrangements with CSEA whereby it may advise  employees of the
           additional availability of CSEA  representatives  for  consultations  during

           non-working hours concerning CSEA membership, services and programs.

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