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Social Security Law will continue to be available to all CSEA retirees who

        retired on or after January 1, 1987.

         §4.3 Bulletin Boards
          (a)  The State shall  provide  a  reasonable  amount of exclusive bulletin

        board space in an accessible place in each area occupied by a substantial
        number of employees for the purpose of posting  bulletins, notices and

        material issued by CSEA, which shall be signed by the designated official
        of CSEA or its appropriate local. Such bulletin boards may be made secure

        pursuant  to  local  level  labor/ management agreement. No such material
        shall be posted which is profane, obscene, or defamatory of the State or its

        representatives,  or which constitutes election campaign material for or
        against  any person, organization or faction thereof. No other  employee

        organization except employee organizations which have been certified or
        recognized as the representative for collective negotiations of  other State

        employees employed at such locations shall have the right to post material
        upon State bulletin boards; provided, however, that such right shall not be

        exclusive during campaign periods or periods of challenge as defined in
        Section 208 of the Civil Service Law.

          (b) The number and location of bulletin boards as well as arrangements
        with reference to placing material thereon and removing material therefrom

        shall be subject to mutual understandings at  the departmental or agency
        level;  provided, however, that  any  understanding reached with  respect

        thereto shall provide for the removal of any bulletin or material objected to
        by the State which  removal  may  be  contested  pursuant  to  the  contract

        grievance procedure provided for herein.
         §4.4 Office Space

          (a)  In those facilities specified in the Lease Agreement effective April 1,
        1982, CSEA shall have office space which shall be  used solely  for  the

        purpose of conducting representation duties as provided by Civil Service

        Law,  Section  208,  provided  that:  (1)  the  Civil Service Employees
        Association, Inc. shall reimburse the State for such space by payment of a
        single yearly fee; (2) such space shall be subject to a standard State lease for

        use of State premises; (3) CSEA shall provide a comprehensive liability

        insurance policy regarding such space; and (4) such use shall be subject to
        the State’s need for the space. In the event that the State needs to reoccupy

        such  space, reasonable advance notice shall be given to CSEA.  The term

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