CSEA legal service program plan

Why was the plan created?

You and your family have worked a long time to own your home, put away retirement money, and provide for children and aging parents. Protection of life savings, the family residence, and your children’s inheritance can be threatened. Events such as illness or disability requiring long-term care can happen to you, your spouse, your child or other parents at any time.

As a CSEA member you are entitled to legal consultation, guidance, document preparation and, where needed, representation pertaining to estate planning and Medicaid eligibility. Events and circumstances and each person’s life set the stage for decisions that had to be made. Knowledge of available options to assist in making the decision is critical.

This is where the experience and knowledge of attorneys who specialize in elder law, estate planning and Medicare/Medicaid eligibility becomes intolerable.

What can the plan do for me and my family?

The CSEA plan attorneys well:

  • Me with you to review your present situation and make recommendations as to what you should do immediately.
  • Prepare necessary legal documents such as Will, power-of-attorney, health care proxy, family trust, living trust.
  • Counsel you with respect to estate tax planning strategies, IRA and pension funding planning, guardianships, long-term care insurance options, asset protection in face of catastrophic illness.

Represent you in the Medicare/Medicaid application process, probate estate administration.

Why should take advantage of this plan?

Whether you are over 50 or not, life’s events can threaten your savings, your home, your plans for the future at any time and without warning. As a CSEA member you can have access to quality legal advice and services at discounted fees. It is in your best interest to consider using this plan now before something happens if you did not plan for.

Available services include:

  • Low-cost wills, powers of attorney, health-care proxies tailored to protect family assets and homesteads
  • Reduced fee trust agreements, deeds, Medicaid eligibility services
  • Crisis related consultations
  • Non-crisis related consultations and pre-crisis planning
  • On-going annual trust services
  • Information and publications
  • Educational seminars

How Much Will It Cost?

All plan attorneys have agreed to discount their regular fees by 20% for CSEA members and family. Fees vary depending on the geographic area of the participating attorney. Without the benefit of the CSEA plan discount, these services will cost you much more.

Plan attorneys will provide you with quality service and its expertise consistent with the other plan and the CSEA legal service program.

While I find that attorney?

Call the CSEA toll-free number: (800) 342-4146 and follow the prompts for the legal services program. Listen to the directions for accessing the CSEA legal services program to locate a plan of attorney nearest you

It’s never too late or too early to consult with a plan attorney who can help you and your family plan for the future. Even if a family member is already in a nursing home, there are special law provisions that might enable you to protect assets that would otherwise be spent for that care.

Also, information is available on CSEA’s website at www.cseany.org