CSEA is pleased to offer Family AssistNet, a new CSEA program that can benefit public service employees.

Many of our members can not afford long term care insurance. Family AssistNet is designed to help in arranging home care services from a network of prescreened providers at a discount savings of 10%-15%. It is also valuable in finding nursing home or assisted living care.

Benefits include:

  • One enrollment fee of $149 that will cover your entire house-hold.
  • The annual enrollment fee will never go up.
  • There are no limits on service.
  • There are no wait times before using services.
  • There are no age limits for enrolling.
  • There are no health limitations to enrolling.

For further information, call: 1-888-376-6020


Choosing a health plan may not seem like a big decision but it is! You will need to choose the coverage which works best for you and your family. To the left is a listing to assist you in making your health insurance decision.

As you can see from the list, cost is not the only factor you need to consider when making health insurance decisions. Please take your time making this decision and consult the health insurance carrier if you have any questions or concerns before making a change.

Does your doctor or specialist participate in the plan? Is a referral needed to see a specialist?

What type of prescription drug coverage does the plan offer? Does it offer a lower co pay option for mail order maintenance medications? Does it cover the prescriptions you need to take?

Does the plan cover you for specific needs such as diabetic supplies, prosthetics, durable medical equipment, hearing aids, etc.?

If you or your family goes to the doctors often you need to consider the cost of co pays deductibles into your total cost of the plan. What are the co pays for doctor visits? Is there an emergency room co pay or urgent care co pay? Is there a deductible to meet?

Do you have children who are away at college? Will your health plan cover them while at school? Up to what age will they be covered under the plan?

Are you contributing to your health plan premium? If so, how often, weekly or biweekly and at what cost?

Will the plan cover you if you are out-of-area and need non- emergency care?