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Professional development resource center made up of Online Courses and an Online Store. Our online store sells civil service test preparation booklets and workshops designed to help test-takers in preparing for state, county, city, and school district civil service examinations in New York. Our Online Courses provide test-takers the opportunity to practice for New York State, county, city, and school district civil service examinations with sample questions similar to those one might see on actual tests for New York State or local government jobs. These interactive online courses allow test-takers access to training 24 hours a day from any computer.

CSEA Test Preparation Booklets

CSEA’s specially prepared Civil Service test preparation booklets continue to be one of the most popular items offered by the WORK Institute. Click the link above if you are a member who would like to access these booklets for free, or if you would like to download a mail-in order form. Which booklets will help you?

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CSEA Test Preparation Workshops

Sign up for one of the popular CSEA test preparation workshops, and let an instructor guide you to success on your next Civil Service examination.

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